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Custom Production Music and Stock Music Library

Musco Sound creates custom and stock music for a wide variety of commercial projects and applications. With over 10 years of experience in a wide range of styles and genres, Musco Sound creates premium quality music sure to make your project sound great.

Musco Sound, also known as Michael Musco, is an award winning musician from the United States. He brings with him an impressive track record of success exceeding customer expectations. His creative and innovative outlook on commercial music has led to his music being used in television, films, documentaries, video games, ads, and everything else in between.

Musco Sound Offers

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Instant Digital Downloads
  • YouTube Safe Music
  • Downloadable Music Previews
  • An Ever Growing Stock Music Library
  • Simple Licensing Terms
  • Affiliate Program – Earn 25% on Referral Sales
  • Discounts for Newsletter Subscribers
  • Fast and Helpful Customer Service
  • And More!

Musco Sound makes it easy to license music directly from the musician that creates it. Whether you are looking for a custom score or stock music, never again worry about copyright concerns or legal issues. This music is cleared for your media creations and you can be 100% confident because you are working directly with the copyright holder of the music.